Building Progress            by Pauline

Last year I talked about clearing the second floor of “stuff” and
using some of it on the 2nd floor ceiling.  Two of the open spaces
have been used for a heating and cooling system in each of the 2
rooms.  I now have 4 panels done.  Monica decided to do one as well.
She used lights that were meant to drape over a Christmas tree that
are now showing through circles cut into the ceiling panel, very cool.  
We have a functioning bathroom & a storage closet on this
level as well. With a little more open space, the finish framing for
all the windows and doors was completed during the winter months.  We 
use lumber previously rescued from being trashed.  This was awesome,
as we saved money, trees & were able to clear more floor space.

Monica got the pocket door functioning so we could also finish
the sheetrock in the room.  Yea for us!  The surrounding walls have
now been painted & ready for future exhibits.

We are in process of renewing the maple floors. We could use some
floor scrubbers if you would be willing to help out. It takes 4 scrubbings
to get clean water.  Once they are throughly dry, they can be sealed.

Summer Visitors (at DEMO) by Monica

Though many people find road construction detours annoying, DEMO inc had visitors stop in this summer as a result. During our return to STUDIO HOP in June, Della Conroy sold a painting to a couple from the Twin Cities. While mowing the lawn Monica greeted a brother and sister who were on their way from the metro area to visit their mother in Montevideo.  They were amazed at our gem of renovation, that they had passed several times, wondering what was going on inside. Hearing stories of the former honey bee residents, the uniquely designed bathroom and originally painted doors, by Pauline Donahue, they were looking forward to future visits.

Niece Challenge        by Pauline Donahue 

For those of you who have attended our auction, you know that our board members each make up a theme basket.  We then go head to head, working the crowd desperately trying to get the highest bid.  My niece Jodi and her daughter Kailey thought it was so much fun last year that they asked if they could each do baskets and go up against each other, mother vs daughter.  We were thrilled with idea and can hardly wait for the battle.  So come to the auction, Sunday, October 15, at 1 pm at WEAC and support Jodi or Kailey.  One of them is going to get bragging rights.  It’s all up to you my bidders!

Memberships of 2016                         Memberships of 2017
Nick Naujokas        $200 October                        Matt Peris            $200  May
                                                                            Mark Hedin          $200  May
Fran Henderschott     $100 October                     Carol Anderson    $100  May 
Karin Gilbert's          $50 October 
Charlene Villars       $50 October 
Rebecca Alm            $50 October 
Maylon Thorstad     $25 October
DEMO inc Finances      Presented by Monica
2016 Income & Tax report
Beginning Balance:               $
2016 Income:                           $
Total:                                             $
                 2016 Expenses:                                $
                 Ending Bank Balance Total        $
Annual Fundraising Auction  -   Sunday    October 15, 2017       1- 3pm
WEAC - Willmar Education & ARTS Center - Rehearsal Hall

We cordially invite you to our event at WEAC; arrive at noon, have one of Mary Ellen’s famous barbecues, cup of Caribou coffee & a dessert, while scoping out items & the list of certificates.  Do some early holiday shopping,  purchase
items that you use on a regular basis while supporting DEMO inc.  Our
local & metro donors have once again been very generous as seen on our
web site “fundraising” page.  Please check it out for newly added
listings, mark your calendars and BRING A FRIEND.  See YOU There!
The items on the auction are updated daily, on the “Fundraising” page.  www.demo-inc.org
Fun entertainment, early holiday shopping, & the gift basket challenge!